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Our diverse portfolio encompasses a wide range of genres,from thought-provoking dramas to thrilling action adventures and heartwarming family films.
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Chembosky Motion Pictures, founded by artist Chemban Vinod Jose, has emerged as one of the
finest film production houses in India.
"Rambaan," an upcoming cinematic masterpiece conceived by director Joshiy and featuring the legendary Mohanlal, promises to be a riveting tale of intr...
In a small country town a cowardly police constable must survive his first days of duty when a convicted felon in lockup tries to seek revenge
25th International Film Festival of Kerala
Silver Peacock
Lijo Jose Pellissery
2022 South Indian International Movie Awards
Best Lyric Writer
Muhsin Parari (Oruthi)
International Film Festival of India 2019
Best Director
Lijo Jose Pellissery
National Film Awards- 2021
Best Cinematography
Gireesh Gangadharan
Kerala State Film Awards - 2020
Best Director
Lijo Jose Pellissery
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Chembosky Motion Pictures is a visionary film production company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of storytelling through the art of cinema. Founded in [year of establishment], our company has quickly risen to prominence in the film industry, earning acclaim for our commitment to creativity, innovation, and the highest standards of quality.